“I came across a photograph of him not long ago… his black face, the long snout sniffing at something in the air, his tail straight and pointing, his eyes flashing in some momentary excitement. Looking at a faded photograph taken more than forty years before, even as a grown man, I would admit I still missed him.” (Willie Morris)

Do you require the services of an animal chaplain? If so, I’m here to help. Here are some things I can offer as an animal chaplain:

    • St. Francis blessing of the animal ceremonies and other celebratory events
    • Pet loss grief support
    • Support for a pet whose friend may have died
    • Conducting final blessings for pet
    • Pet funerals
    • Talks on the bond between people and their companion animals
    • Someone to pray for your pet when s/he is sick.
  • Someone to give blessings to your pet.

I am an animal chaplain through Emerson Institute and am available for any of the services listed above.

Losing a beloved pet to death is traumatic and upsetting. You might try EFT to help with your grieving process.